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Do you hate shelling out money for so many subscriptions? I do too. Instead, use Custom Countdown, absolutely free. Yes, that's right, zero dollars and zero cents! Join the over 100 other countdown pages today.

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Independence Day (USA)Open


Welcome to Custom Countdown! I'm thrilled to have you here. Custom Countdown is an easy-to-use and completely free countdown creator that can be utilized for any occasion. If you're planning a birthday celebration, wedding, or corporate event, my tool simplifies the process of creating a personalized countdown timer to build excitement and anticipation for your special day. With Custom Countdown, you have the option to choose from a variety of gorgeous images to use as the background for your timer. You can then share your countdown with loved ones on social media or embed it on your website. I'm confident that you'll have an amazing experience using Custom Countdown, and I look forward to helping you count down to your upcoming event. Thank you for selecting Custom Countdown. Please feel free to reach out if you need any help.


  • Videos: If you're a organization and verify your website, you can add a promo video.
  • Timezone offset: Allow for greater flexibility and accuracy in displaying the correct time for your audience.
  • Custom text and images: Add your own text and images to personalize your countdown.
  • Shareable and embeddable: Share your countdown on social media or embed it on your own website.
  • Mobile-friendly: Access your countdown from any device, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Easy to use: Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to create a beautiful custom countdown.
  • Free to use: Custom Countdown is completely free to use, with no hidden fees or required subscriptions.


If you wish, you have the option to pay a small fee to remove the 'Made with Custom Countdown' advertisements. The standard cost for this service is $4.00 USD. However, if you choose to upgrade while creating the page, you'll receive a 50% discount.

Existing countdown pages will receive in even better discount for $1. They must have been made on or before October 26th, 2023.
Promo code (35% off for the first 100 people that upgrade there page - WUKHC1FA -)
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